We've been building free, open source tools directly with artists for years but to truly empower musicians it is vital that we pair those tools with educational resources. The combination of tools and learning will truly make for a sustainable future for musicians.

Every path for every artist is different. It’s vital that musicians have access to information on how their business works so that they can make informed choices to navigate their careers successfully. With our educational efforts we will be covering topics as wide ranging as why is music so important in our world to how song copyright works to how to book a tour. We’ll be posting articles, videos, first person accounts, how to's, and more.


Op-ed: Jumping Off Cliffs - Music isn’t a reflection, but a tool that shapes our world.
How to: Tour Press
The Basics: Performance Royalties

We hosted a series of events in Portland, Chicago, LA, NYC, London, Halifax, and Seattle that brought musicians and technologists together to talk about building a more sustainable future.

We are dedicated to hosting more of these sorts of events in the future with a continued focus of bringing musicians to the forefront of the conversation around the future of music. Stay tuned.

Pascal Finette & Mike Watt, Los Angeles

Dapwell & Anil Dash, New York

Amaechi Uzoigwe & Jerri Chou, New York